We would like to encourage you to get into the garden and plant a tree.

You are no doubt aware that South Africa is currently experiencing a plague of infestation from the Shot hole borer beetle.  The attached City Parks and Zoo update provides a list of trees currently known to be susceptible to the beetle so it may be worth avoiding these.

We have spoken to a number of tree experts and the following indigenous trees have been recommended:

  • Searsia leptodictya (mountain karee)
  • Searsia lancea (karee)
  • Celtis Africana (White stinkwood)
  • Greyia Sutherlandii ( Natal bottlebrush)
  • Dombeya rotundifolia (Wild Pear)
  • Combretum Molle (Velvet Bushwillow)
  • Heteropyxis natalensis (Lavender Tree)
  • Erythrina Lysistemon (Lucky Bean Tree)
  • Ficus (Fig tree)

This short-list has been compiled based on the trees being:

  • from the Highveld and generally doing well with frost
  • Not currently on the list of trees known to be infected by the shot hole borer beetle

SAPRA is currently investigating the planting of trees along the streets in the gaps where there are not currently trees – watch this space…

Please contact us if you have additional information that you think would be useful to share here.

You can find the note that Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo has issued on the steps it is taking to minimise the impact of the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer here.