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Who We Are

The Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association ("SAPRA") is a non profit organisation that is run by, and seeks to advance the interests of the residents of the two suburbs.

1. Our Function

Our function is to assist with the problems of residents which generally relate to the monitoring and enforcement of legal norms and standards, such as ensuring adherence to building regulations (by-laws and heritage), requiring advertisers to comply with the by-laws and for safe and clean parks.

2. Our Approach

SAPRA adopts a pro-active approach and will tackle challenges of all sizes – from street cleaning right up to participating and influencing the layout of the proposed Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) in our suburbs.

3. Our Committee

All of our committee members, other than the secretary, are volunteers. Our local councillor and other civic leaders sit on the committee and facilitate communication with the City.

  • Bill Haslam - Chairman, Webpage and Database
  • Marcelle Ravid - Secretary
  • Tim Truluck - ex officio Local City Councillor
  • Tracy Davies - Fernhead Park
  • Fran Haslam - Zoo Lake Park
  • Malcolm Jewell - Finances
  • Mila Ravid - Heritage
  • Ilan Sparrius - Road Name Signs
  • Caryn Turnbull -  Membership
  • David Widdop
  • Bruce Young - Security

SAPRA's 2021 Annual General Meeting

This meeting was held on 10 November 2021 both face to face at the Museum of Military History, and through the Zoom meeting app.

The Chairman's report may be downloaded here.

The audited Annual Financial Statements were presented to the meeting.

Members can access the Annual Financial Statements by logging in and returning to this menu.




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