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Our function is to assist with the problems of residents which generally relate to the monitoring and enforcement of legal norms and standards, such as ensuring adherence to building regulations (by-laws and heritage), requiring advertisers to comply with the by-laws and for safe and clean parks. 

SAPRA adopts a pro-active approach and will tackle challenges of all sizes – from street cleaning right up to participating and influencing the layout of the proposed Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) in our suburbs. 

All of our committee members, other than the secretary, are volunteers. Our local councillor and other civic leaders sit on the committee and facilitate communication with the City.

This site is available for all members of SAPRA and also for those who might be interested in the affairs of SAPRA.  To view the site you must register either to become a member or an "interested person". Members are entitled to exclusive benefits.

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Year End Holidays

The SAPRA office will be closed for the Christmas Holidays and will reopen on Monday, 14th January 2019.  May we take this opportunity to wish all members and their families a very safe and happy holiday break and a peaceful New Year.

Latest News Snippets

Are you tired of seeing potholes and wonder why they are not being fixed?  Often this is because the City is unaware of the pothole.  You can help solve the problem. (Login to see more...)

Urban Forest has indicated that they can help with Shothole Borer.  (Login to see more...)

Check out how the increase in water, electricity and waste management will impact you.  (Login to see more...)

Application has been made for the rezoning of Ashford House for a proposed building of 10 storeys.  (Login and click on "Town Planning" under "News" to see more...)

Check out Tim Truluck's advice for dealing with service delivery issues. (Login and click on "Contacts & Links" to see more...)

Johannesburg's urban forest is facing a growing risk in the form of a new beetle called the Polyphagous Shothole Borer. (Login to see more..)

SAPRA has retained an Urban Planner, Craig Pretorius, to produced a report for SAPRA commenting on the draft Nodal Review and Inclusionary Housing Policy of the City. Craig's response to the City on SAPRA's behalf is also shown on this website. (login and click on "Town Planning" under "News" to see more...)

A large development along Oxford Road is taking place over the next few years.  (Login and click on "Town Planning" under "News" to see more..)

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