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Load Shedding

Councillor Tim Truluck has some good advice for those who want to try and make sense of the load-shedding episodes that engulf us all at the moment.  You can follow his advice on his Ward 117 Facebook page by clicking here.  You can also get a copy of the load shedding schedule by clicking here.

Blood Drive This Saturday

Blood Donation Heart

SAPRA is having a blood drive on Saturday, 9 March 2019.

Please come and support the SAPRA community initiative to help those in need. The event will be at Northern Suburbs Tennis Club, 25 Blandford Road, Parkwood, from 10 am to 2 pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.

News Snippets

Read Caryn's New Year's greeting, review of SAPRA's 2018 achievements and plans for 2019. (Click on 'About Us'in the Menu)

Are you tired of seeing potholes and wonder why they are not being fixed?  Often this is because the City is unaware of the pothole.  You can help solve the problem. (Login to see more...)

The City has received a request for the rezoning of 46 to 48 Bolton Road, Parkwood. (login and click on "Town Planning" under "News" to see more...)

Urban Forest has indicated that they can help with Shothole Borer.  (Login to see more...)

Johannesburg's urban forest is facing a growing risk in the form of a new beetle called the Polyphagous Shothole Borer. (Login to see more..)

SAPRA has retained an Urban Planner, Craig Pretorius, to produced a report for SAPRA commenting on the draft Nodal Review and Inclusionary Housing Policy of the City. Craig's response to the City on SAPRA's behalf is also shown on this website. (login and click on "Town Planning" under "News" to see more...)

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