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SAPRA wishes all its Jewish friends, members and residents g'mar chatima tovah and well over the fast.

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Donations make SAPRA more effective and we can do more for our community. If you would like to donate money to SAPRA, you can use the ZAPPER app shown below.  You would need to have the app on your cell phone to do that - if not, please download it first.  Then use the app to capture the QR code (i.e. this picture below) to make an easy donation.  Thanks for your support.

If possible, please don't use ZAPPER to pay subscriptions.

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News Snippets

The public Zoom meeting held on 30th June 2021 was organised by SAPRA in response to the outrage expressed by some of our residents to the unsatisfactory service delivery by Johannesburg Power. (Click on "News / Current" for more information...)

Details of the proposed Development on the corner of Oxford and Worcester Roads have been included on our website (For further details, click on News / Town Planning to read more...)

Application has been made for the rezoning and development of the above Erven - 93 Westwold Way and 2 Northwold Drive. A provisional plan of the development, the traffic impact statement, its approval and the engineering report may be downloaded. (For further details, click on News / Town Planning to read more...)

There has been a lot of discussion about the proposed increase in the rates and tariffs imposed by the City of Johannesburg, some of it misinformed, so SAPRA has set out below the most recent proposal by the City. (Click on "News / Current" for more information...)

SAPRA has celebrated outstanding service by Tessa Turvey, a previous chairperson of the residents association. (Click on "News / Current" for more information...)

SAPRA requested a meeting with the City to discuss the problems that have arisen with the water pipe renewal project and the water pressure project in SAPRA land and the consequent leakages and burst pipes. (For further details, Members can click on News to read more...)

Looking for a Supplier?

We have a list of suppliers that have been recommended to us.  Click on "Contacts & Links" to scan through those that work in SAPRA land.  Please note that we cannot endorse these suppliers one way or the other - you must do your own homework.

Appeal by Johann Vorster, Resident and CEO of Clover


"Dear Fellow Resident,

We need a mindset change...

Unfortunately, but true.

I'm from Clover. You must have seen all the media reports lately after Clover decided to move out of Lichtenburg due to consistent poor service delivery.

Municipalities will not recover. The damage is too big.

It's time for us to stand together and protect what we have, and maintain it.

For that to work, we need organisations such as SAPRA (Saxonwold​ and Parkwood Residents' Association).

Why not pay R50 a month (approximate monthly equivalent to the membership fee of R650 per annum) to an association that is well administered, and act in our best interest? Together we can make a big impact...

Just look how beautiful the newly painted street names look in Forest Town? That was possible because they have a healthy ratepayers association.

SAPRA also wants to paint the street names. To look good for all of us? But we need money. The will is there, the skills are there, all we need for you to do it to become a paying member. For R650 per annum is this too big an ask?

Currently we have approximately 13% paying members. Why not have 80-90%? Is R50 pm too much?

And on top of becoming a paying member, we need donations for the street name project - which will cost R110 000.

I'm donating R5 000 for the street sign project.

Why not join me and also donate an amount? You will see the change in the suburb every day as you drive around. Won't it make you proud to say that you have been part of it?

And why not becoming a paying member, if you are not already paying R650 per annum? And this little to make a difference?

We need to cultivate this mindset shift of thinking - certain things we'll have to do ourselves.

Please talk to your friends and neighbours about it. Together we can make a difference, and add value to our properties.

Let's make SAPRA our neighbourhood's go-to organisation.

You can register on SAPRA’s website, which also has the banking details.



Johann Vorster

Chief Executive

Tel: +27 11 471 1400
Direct: +27 11 471 1702
Cell: +27 82 462 0083

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

Sponsoring Business Partners

McNab'sWe manufacture Good-for-you functional foods, supplements and drinks.  Contact Sarah McKerron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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We provide electricity, water, and gas metering solutions to large property owners, property development companies, local landlords and property owners.
We deliver both hardware and software, which integrate into payment systems, online (e.g. EasyPay) and through physical retail outlets (e.g. Pick n Pay). Click here for the website.

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