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Donations to SAPRA

Donations make SAPRA more effective and we can do more for our community. If you would like to donate money to SAPRA, you can use the ZAPPER app shown below.  You would need to have the app on your cell phone to do that - if not, please download it first.  Then use the app to capture the QR code (i.e. this picture below) to make an easy donation.  Thanks for your support.

If possible, please don't use ZAPPER to pay subscriptions.

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SAPRA Annual General Meeting

SAPRA held its Annual General Meeting on 10 November 2021. For more information click on the menu item "About Us".

You can download a copy of the Chairman's Report here. 

Members can download the Annual Financial Statements by first logging in.

News Snippets

As reported earlier, application has been made to the City for the development of Erfs 733 and 734, Parkwood (corner of Worcester and Oxford roads) to erect a six storey building to provide 134 residential units. (For further details, Members can click on News/Town Planning to read more...)

An application has been submitted to the City of Johannesburg for the rezoning of Erf 170(No 60 Cotswold Drive), Saxonwold.  (For further details, Members can click on News to read more...)

The street names on kerb stones in SAPRA land have all been repainted. (Click on "News / Current" for more information...)

Looking for a Supplier?

We have a list of suppliers that have been recommended to us.  Click on "Contacts & Links" to scan through those that work in SAPRA land.  Please note that we cannot endorse these suppliers one way or the other - you must do your own homework.

Sponsoring Business Partners

McNab'sWe manufacture Good-for-you functional foods, supplements and drinks.  Contact Sarah McKerron at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Meter Mate Logo

We provide electricity, water, and gas metering solutions to large property owners, property development companies, local landlords and property owners.
We deliver both hardware and software, which integrate into payment systems, online (e.g. EasyPay) and through physical retail outlets (e.g. Pick n Pay). Click here for the website.

Corporate Sponsors

Why Choose FIRZT To Sell Or Rent Your Property?

We care: We are professional, transparent, accountable and highly service orientated. Firzt Realty Company’s ethos rests on ethics, product knowledge and individuality.

We are dynamic and forward thinking, as a result of our innovative and continuous marketing and our clients definitely reap the benefit of this market presence and awareness.

We aim to provide you with remarkable service!

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