Quite a bit of the crime that occurs in our precinct is opportunistic.  Residents can reduce their chances of becoming a victim by being vigilant and taking safety precautions.  Some of these precautions include:

  • travelling in your vehicle with locked doors and with the windows closed or open not more than 1 cm
  • be very suspicious of anyone who taps on your car window and gestures that there is something wrong with your tyres or wishes to speak to you.  There have been instances in other precincts where this tactic was used in an attempt to rob personal belongings.
  • make sure that handbags, computer notebooks & pads, cell phones and other valuables are not in view in your car, particularly on your passenger seat
  • be aware of the car behind you.  If you feel you are being followed, turn in the same direction 4 times around 1 or 2 blocks (preferably where they are turning circles on each corner).  If the same car is still behind you, drive to the nearest police station and hoot continuously.
  • make sure that your driveway gates are not left open even if you anticipate leaving again within a few minutes
  • have the police profile any new domestic helper or gardener you may employ
  • when parking at a shopping centre, always check that your car is locked by physically checking that the car doors will not open
  • refrain as far as possible from using your cell phone outside the Gautrain station or restaurants bordering on a road.  There have been a number of instances where cell phones have been snatched and the perpetrator has jumped into a waiting or passing car.  Checking your cell phone for the arrival of Uber transport or similar situations are high-risk events.
  • never leave your cell phone or handbag lying on the table while at a restaurant - even when you are sitting at the table.