This provides all of the services provided to individual members.  This includes full availability of information on the website, special emails to member companies and newsletters.  SAPRA will provide help where possible on any particular community issue.  Attendance at conferences and special purpose meetings will be available free.  In addition, any advertising on the website or newsletters will be at 50% of the normal rate and special mention will be given to you in emails and the website as a Sponsoring Business Partner.

You may include up to five additional group members on your membership, each of which will have their own membership for no additional subscription.  Once you have signed up, you will have access to the "Group Membership" page on which you can add your additional members who might be involved in your business.  Further information and instructions on how to add group members can be found on the "Membership Detail" sub-menu item underneath "My Membership" once you have signed up.

Membership Fee: R1 200 per annum.

Duration: 1 Year
Price: R1 200,00