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This membership provides full access to all information published by the Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association ("SAPRA").  In addition, you will receive member-only information through emails.  Where you might require individual help from SAPRA for any resident related issue, SAPRA will endeavor to provided such help where possible, and will be provided without charge.  From time to time SAPRA will arrange special meetings or conferences to address specific community issues and provide information, a special reduced price will be available for you.

You may include up to four additional family members on your membership, each of which will have their own membership for no charge.  Once you have signed up, you will have access to the "Group Membership" page on which you can add your additional family members.  Further information and instructions on how to add group members can be found on the "Membership Detail" sub-menu item underneath "My Membership" once you have signed up.

Membership Fee: R650 per annum

Duration: 1 year
Price: R650,00
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