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Friday, 19 October 2018 17:20

Owl Box in Fearnhead Park

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On 29th September 2018, an owl box was installed in Fearnhead Park, Parkwood.

The installation was done by the Ecosolutions Crew. Sara Orchardson of EcoSolutions said that they identified a large tree in the Park which was away from the play area as the ideal place for the installation.

The box is meant to attract a Spotted Eagle Owl, a species of owl which lack breeding sites. The box is made out of recycled wood and is filled with a gravel substrate which is understood to attract female owls.

SAPRA paid for the box and its installation and will also see to the maintenance of the box in the future. In addition, SAPRA paid for an educational board, which was also installed, and provides information about the Spotted Eagle Owl and the dangers of using rat poison.

Ward Councillor Tim Truluck was present on the day of the installation, and said that it was an encouraging move and a lovely attraction to the area.

Whilst we do understand that there is no guarantee that we will get an owl to inhabit our new box, we sincerely hope that it does, and we ask all residents who visit the park, to keep an eye out and let us know if it does happen.


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