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Tuesday, 20 February 2018 16:26

Advertising on the Facebook Group

Up until now SAPRA has not permitted advertising on its Facebook Group except where it is obvious that it is a resident who is advertising some personal item.  We have done this to try and avoid the obvious opportunity for others to promote their goods or services using this free channel.  We didn't believe that this was really what the Facebook Group was all about.

We have had some debates about this and have decided to clarify this policy in a little more detail, and so the new policy we will accept adverts:

♦ From those members of SAPRA (i.e. those that pay their annual subs);

♦ Who live in Saxonwold or Parkwood;

♦ Where the item being advertised is community related (for example you can't advertise your cousin's business which is based in Bryanston);

♦ Only on a Friday of each week (this to help us with the admin!)

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