Attorney Janine Bredenkamp, a resident of Parkview, is leading a team pro-bono to try and reduce the noise being made by a generator at 158 Jan Smuts Avenue.

The noise also impacts on residents of SAPRA land and as such we are indebted to her and her colleagues for the work that they are doing.  She has finally received a copy of an accoustics report requested by the respondents. This report may be downloaded by clicking here. The document is lengthy so for convenience, the important part which is contained within the executive summary, is below:

“It is recommended that the generator is to be enclosed in an acoustically sound generator room, designed and specified by an acoustic engineer, or to be replaced by a generator with acoustically sealed canopy (silent generator].”

The executive summary goes on to say that:

“A noise impact assessment will be required to be done after the generator has been screened off and an acoustic compliance certificate is to be provided after the assessment and subsequent measurements.”

Janine says: "From the above it is clear what they have to do on their own version. We have not had any proof of compliance from them and therefore we are continuing with the matter."

Thank you, Janine, for all the work that you are doing for our community.