SAPRA was invited to the launch of JoburgCAN.

See the latest news (29 November 2023)

This organisation has been set up by OUTA (as we all know as the Organisation for Undoing Tax Abuse).  JoburgCAN is a civil society grouping to address the problems of the Johannesburg City.  It is part of the Joburg Crisis Committee, which is mentioned elsewhere on SAPRA's website.  SAPRA has elected to become an affiliate of JoburgCAN.  The big advantage of JoburgCAN is its established secretariat and access to all the intellectual assets of OUTA and its professional staff which we believe would add organisational heft to the power afforded by the aggromeration of a large number of concerned residents of Johannesburg.

The most recent webinar held by JoburgCAN and chaired by Wayne Duvenhage, may be downloaded and watched by clicking here.

Update: 29 November 2023

WaterCAN is also another division of OUTA doing sterling work in trying to solve the many water problems that we have.  A meeting was recently arranged with the Department of Water Affairs, Rand Water and Joburg Water to address water issues.  A copy of the report on the meeting (which makes for very interesting reading) may be found by clicking here.