The City has proposed a general increase in the rates by an amount of 5,3%.  The increased rates are, however, applied to property valuations, many of which it also wishes to increase.  The consequence would be a substantial increase in the total amounts which residents are expected to pay.  On the other hand, the City has proposed that pensioners can apply to have their rates decreased by a significant amount.

Furthermore, the City has proposed an increase of:

  • 300% in the rates paid by public educational institutions;
  • 700% in the rates paid by private schools. 
  • 18,64% in the electricity tariffs. This is largely as a result of the increase that is charged by Eskom and which the City has to pay.  However, the margin that the City adds to the electricity price - which it keeps - would also increase by the same percentage.  It is difficult to understand how this could be justified.
  • 9,3% in the water and sanitation tariffs.

All of these increases are well in excess of the inflation rate.

Details of the proposals are discussed in a video by Councillor Daniel Schey, who sits on the Finance Oversight Committee.  He explains how residents can comment and object.  It is very important for you to please submit your comments to the City as suggested by Daniel Schey.  These unreasonable demands should not go unchallenged!

Please click here for the video.