They achieve this through connecting waste generators with waste collectors and instruct them where waste should be responsibly disposed.  Boomba use construction waste to rehabilitate graveled streets in townships, distribute green waste to local farmers for composting and local waste manufactures. General waste is distributed to informal waste collectors for commercial recycling.  Boomba sends its customers pictures showing the final destination of the waste.   


Our relationship with the SAPRA is informed by the common concern in illegal dumping. As a community, they have been experiencing illegal dumping in the area in the CoJ joburg in general. Because most waste collectors (the trucks in this case) don’t practice responsible waste disposal, they tend to dump anywhere and this obviously has impact on the environment.


Enter Boombadotmobi....:


We then contacted the SAPRA management to form some sort of partnership (online) with aim of having their residence use our services for a responsible waste disposal. The response was a positive one, with many seeing the benefits of using our services.  


We have been getting requests ever since and we have been clogging the smart phones with pictures full of rubbish. LOL!


Its very uplifting to know that they know where their waste ends up. It brings about a great sense of achievement to see their smiles. 


Do you know where your rubble ends-up?

Let us remove and dispose of your waste responsibly.

Hailed As "The Uber of Waste Removal".


Warm regards

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