Not all issues are related to the water pipe project so please try to identify which isn’t.  For example, if you have lost power it may be that it is as a result of load shedding.  Please ensure you follow your load shedding schedule by downloading the EskomSePush App.


To report issues please follow the following process.


If a Vuma cable is broken:
1. Report this to your service provider (CoolIdeas, Vox, Mweb, etc) first,
2. Report this to Vumatel (telephone number: 086 100 8862) as well.
This helps their process and ultimately yours too.


Other services report:
City Power:
JHB Water:
24 hour Hotline: 0860 562 874
SMS line: 076 333 5052


Once you’re done all the above then please can you send Caryn (SAPRA's Secretary) OR Tessa (not both) the following information in ONE message using the format below:


1⃣ Name
2⃣ Cell number
3⃣ Address (including the suburb & nearest street corner)
4⃣ Reference Number (include all above relevant references)
5⃣ A brief discription of the problem (keep it short and factual)


Caryn's contact details are:

Cell Phone: 076 982 8729



Tessa's contact details are:

Cell Phone: 082 330 0704