The campaign centers around a partnership between the city and it’s residents where they volunteer their time one Saturday a month to clean up parts of the city.

The Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association (“SAPRA”) has been actively involved in this campaign since its inception and has seen volunteer numbers grow steadily. Our last clean up day was on the 17th of February on the section of Jan Smuts avenue between Cotswold and Northwold Drives.

This campaign has also had some positive community building and awareness spinoffs and every helping hand helps in ensuring that we have clean, safe neighbourhoods for our children to live play in. Those residents who have children participating in CSI initiatives at their schools are welcome to take part in the campaign to make up their hours.

During this period we have found that the two neighbourhoods have challenges with inter alia illegal dumping, mostly in the form of garden refuse, illegal signage, overgrown vegetation, blocked and damaged storm water drains etc. We encourage you to assist SAPRA in identifying areas that require attention in the so that we can plan our locations accordingly.

The next clean up day is on the 17th of March and we invite you to join us, either at the SAPRA allocated time or anytime during the course of the day. We look forward to seeing you there.