Where and When?

Currently only 12 suburbs in 3 wards (117, 90 & 87) are included. More will added as the scheme grows.

  • Monday Collections: Saxonwold, Parkwood, Rosebank, Parktown North, Parkhurst Craighall, Craighall Park, Dunkeld, Dunkeld West.
  • Tuesday Collections: Parktown, Forest Town.
  • Friday Collections: Illovo

How is it Done?

Residents are given bags into which they must place their clean recyclables. They then put the bags out next to their regular trash bins (please don't put them inside the bins). A separate dedicated non-Pikitup truck will collect the bags. A new bag will be provided when the filled bag is collected.

How Do I Get My 1st Bag?

  • Workers from Dikala are going around door to door at the moment, so keep an eye out for them. It is envisaged that the Community Groups and Resident's Associations be involved along with the street What's Ap groups as well as Facebook and email be used to get the word out. The street What's Ap groups could used to help distribute the bags.
  • Furthermore, the 3 ward councillors have all got bags that will be made available to those who want them.
  • You can also buy some clear plastic bags from a supermarket and use those for your recycling.

What Can Be Recycled?

Paper, cardboard, clean plastic bottles and containers, rinsed out cans, rinsed out glass bottles and jars, rinsed milk/juice cartons. I usually just rinse out bottles and wash containers, jars and plastic containers at the end of washing up.

What About the Other Current Recycling Schemes?

  • The idea is to not exclude other recyclers, but to work together to reduce the waste that goes to landfills in our city.
  • This scheme will attempt to find solutions to working with the trolley pushers - both by incorporating those who want to get involved in the scheme as well as buying waste from them. So if you want to continue using them for your plastic products and paper, then put clean plastics in a separate bag for them so they won't have to go through your trash and mess up your bin.
  • For households who use Ronnie Bags for waste paper or other companies to collect their recyclables - they can still continue to put their bags out on collection days.

What About Town House Complexes, Apartment Blocks, Office Blocks/Parks?

Please contact Dikala on 087-820-7640 to chat about your S@S solutions.

Why Recycle?

  • The City has very little space left in its landfill sites, so it is imperative that our trash load be reduced to increase the life of the landfills. Once these they are filled up, then trash will have to be transported long distances outside of the city which will significantly increase the cost of trash collection for all of us.
  • Recycling is good for our neighbourhoods, city, parks, rivers, oceans, dams and the planet.
  • I have found that recycling helps reduce the amount of trash in my bin. So it stays cleaner (especially if you also have a compost bin and a worm farm), tends to not get damaged when the bins are lifted by the compactor and it is not a train smash if my trash is not collected for a couple of weeks due to strikes, holidays and vehicle breakdowns.

My Hot Recycling Tip

I use an old round plastic pre-wheely bin trash bin in which I place the recycling bag. If you don't have one, you can ask at your local hardware store or get one at places like Westpack in Blairgowrie. I keep it outside the kitchen door in my back yard. Whenever I have anything to recycle, I just pop it into the bin. On collection day, I take the bag out, tie it at the top and put it out with the trash. Easy Peasy.