SAPRA has objected to this development.

A tribunal was established by the City to hear the objection and to hear argument from SAPRA and the developer.  SAPRA's submission may be downloaded here.  It was clear to SAPRA at the outset of this tribunal hearing, that the tribunal did not accord with the provision of the Act that establishes such a tribunal and was, accordingly, ultra vires.  The tribunal chairperson was asked to confirm their understanding of the position and, after due consideration, the chairman ruled that the hearing should continue.  No explanation was offered by the chairman for his ruling.

After the hearing was completed, the matter was held over for consideration by the tribunal.

The tribunal has subsequently made known its decision that the objection lodged by SAPRA was dismissed. This may be downloaded here.

SAPRA has lodged an appeal against this ruling and the fact that the tribunal was illegally constituted.  We believe that the City must be challenged and that these illegal practices which work to the disadvantage of our community, must be stopped.  SAPRA has also requested reasons from the tribunal for its decisions.  A copy of the appeal application can be downloaded here.