It doesn't yet appear to have been gazetted by the City yet, but the proposal is for the building to be used either for a motor car showroom or a car lot.  A copy of the proposal may be downloaded by clicking here.

SAPRA is attempting to get further details.

Post added 9 September 2023.  We have just been informed that the application to the City was withdrawn before it was advertised.  We are not sure whether this was as a result of the keen interest shown by SAPRA or whether there were other factors involved.  However, it is still important to be eternally vigilant to keep our suburbs from degrading.

Post added 28 November 2023

SAPRA has received notice of an application now made to the City of Johannesburg for the rezoning of this property to permit "A 'place of amusement' for live entertainment, a jazz venue and general function only, subject to amended conditions".  The application argues that: "The application represents a natural tendency to accommodate the needs of a dynamic and growing society within Johannesburg and it is contended that the application, as proposed, wil most effectively tend to promote the purposes of the City of Johannesburg Land Use Scheme, 2018, and should, therefore, be approved."

A copy of the new application may be downloaded by clicking here.

SAPRA had objected originally in 2023 and this document may be downloaded by clicking here.

The latest SAPRA objection may be downloaded by clicking here.

Post added 15 April 2024

The following letter has been emailed to the City:

"SAPRA’s letter dated 15th April 2024, objecting to the consent use application quoted in the subject of this email, is attached.

Also attached are the following documents referred to in our letter:

  1. Letter of objection dated 15 April 2024
  2. 1st letter of objection dated 23 August 2023
  3. 2nd letter of objection dated 17 November 2023
  4. 3rd letter of objection dated 5 February 2024
  5. Letter to you from Dr Giuliana Costa dated 3 April 2024
  6. Email to you from David Forbes dated 5 April 2024
  7. Email to SAPRA from Stacey Illgner dated 2 April 2024
  8. Email to SAPRA from Maya Schiefer dated 2 April 2024
  9. Email to SAPRA from Rosemary Joynt dated 24 March 2024
  10. Email to you from Cynthia Dreyer dated 7 April 2024
  11. Email to SAPRA from Jenny Jenn dated 6 April 2024
  12. Email to you from David Krut dated 7 April 2024
  13. Email to you from Nadine Dreyer dated 9 April 2024
  14. Email to you from Jennifer Stein dated 9 April 2024
  15. Email to you from Sue Rice dated 10 April 2024
  16. Email to you from Jackie Gilmour dated 10 April 2024
  17. Letter to you from Michael Gristwood dated 12 April 2024
  18. Email to you from Leonara Steyn dated 13 April 2024

We would appreciate getting a confirmation of receipt from you."