A copy of that notice may be downloaded by clicking here.

 A notice of demolition is not advertised by the City in the same way as for an application for rezoning, and so SAPRA would not have known about this had the concerned resident brought it to our attention.

Whilst there might not be any heritage importance attached to the building, SAPRA's concern is the implication of a development on this site, for which no application has yet been made.  The concern would be that once the building has been demolished and if the developer was to then make application for a building which might be to the disadvantage of SAPRA residents, our ability to negotiate would be severely impacted by the fact that an empty stand would exist in the middle of our community, with all the negative implications that an empty site would have.

Accordingly, SAPRA has responded to this with a letter to the Heritage Authority (PHRAG) a copy of which may be downloaded by clicking here.