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Welcome to the Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association (SAPRA) website.

SAPRA is made up of a group of residents of Saxonwold and Parkwood who are voted onto the committee by residents of our community to represent their interests.

Our primary function is to assist and deal with local problems which arise and which generally relate to the monitoring and enforcement of legal norms and standards. Examples would include ensuring adherence to building regulations (by-laws and heritage), or requiring advertisers to comply with council requirements when and where they advertise.

However, this is not where our role ends and SAPRA has a long tradition of adopting a pro-active approach and will tackle challenges of all sizes – from street cleaning right up to participating and influencing the layout of the proposed Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) in our suburbs.

SAPRA is effective because of the dedicated efforts of the committee members all of whom, other than the secretary, are volunteers. It uses a network which it has built over the years to address issues with the relevant parties. In particular, the local councillor and other civic leaders sit on the committee.

A Re Sebetseng - Lets Work

The A Re Sebetseng campaign was launched by Mayor Herman Mashaba in September 2017. The basis of the campaign is that in order for Joburg to become a city that works, the citizens must take ownership of the city. The mayor believes that this will happen when we keep our streets and neighbourhoods clean. Not only will working together help keep our neighbourhoods clean, but it will foster a community spirit that can only bode well for citizens of Joburg and the country as a whole.

The first A Re Sebetseng day was on the 30th of September and the residents of Saxonwold and Parkwood enthusiastically heeded the mayor’s call. Residents were able to pick up litter at a number of different points in the neighbourhoods and some members of the Saxonwold and Parkwood Resident’s Association (“SAPRA”) shared some lovely pictures of garbage bags that were filled to capacity with litter.

The campaign will take place on the last Saturday of every month. Pikitup provides garbage bags and gloves and they pick up the bags at designated points thereafter.

Details for the next A Re Sebetseng day are:

Date: 28 October 2017

Time 2:00-3:30pm

Venue: Corner Bolton/Oxford (or your own identified street)

Bring: Gloves and bin bags (although we will have)

13 October 2017

Proposed New Constitution for SAPRA

Your SAPRA committee has elected to update the SAPRA constitution and bring it more into line with current circumstances. This constitution is to be considered at the AGM on Wednesday, 4 October 2017 and, if agreed, will become effective with immediate effect thereafter. Members have been sent a copy of this document, but it has been copied onto this website and may be found by clicking here.

2 October 2017

SAPRA Facebook Group

I encourage all residents of SAPRA land to join the SAPRA Facebook Group where you can discuss any matter which concerns you with your fellow residents. This group is well attended by many of the residents already who collectively contribute to many interesting discussions that are particularly relevant to our community, such as service delivery, local traders, job opportunities and many others.

To join, lookup "Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association (SAPRA)" on Facebook and apply to join. We have had to restrict membership in order to prevent spam bots (computers that create the names of fictitious people and swamp these sorts of Facebook groups with spam). All you have to do is to answer the three questions and say that you are a member of SAPRA. I will check that against the database and accept you without any fuss.

Try it - I think you will find it fun.

2 October 2017

Guidelines Regarding Drones Flying in Public Spaces

Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo have issued some guidelines for those people who wish to fly their drones in a public space. These guidelines can be read by by clicking here.

21 July 2017

Rezoning of Erf 513 Parkwood - 17 Bath Avenue (corner Ashford Road)

An application has been received by the City of Johannesburg to rezone the above property to Business 4 (offices).  You can see the application by clicking here.

Notice of the application has been made by the City, and you can see that by clicking here.

SAPRA have objected to the application and you can see SAPRA's objection by clicking here.

You may wish to object yourself, in which case please direct your objection to Mr. Ben Pretorius as shown in the notice.  Please provide your full contact details including a postal address for future reference.

13 July 2017

Johannesburg Building Environment Guidelines & Standards

The Development Planning and Land Use Management Department has identified a need to provide residents, prospective developers, Municipal-Owned Entities, internal City Departments and any other interested parties with a reference manual for City-specific guidelines and standards relating to the building environment.

This reference manual has been developed with the end user, especially the developer or prospective developer, in mind.   Given the ever-changing nature of the building environment, the purpose of this guide is to be a fluid and annually revised document that encourages ongoing discussion as opposed to a standalone policy.

This document will remain "live" in that it will be updated and edited from time to time.  Comments and recommendations for the 2017/18 review are highly encouraged, and can be sent to: Mr Stefan van Niekerk - Department of Development Planning Office, stefanv@joburg.org.za.

This document is very easy to read with a number of pictures and examples.  You can download the document by clicking here.

3 July 2017

Security Tips

From the SAPRA executive meeting of 12 June 2017, Costa Qually, our security member, had this to say:

There is a lower level of crime in the Saxonwold and Parkwood precinct compared to other precincts in and around Johannesburg. Nevertheless, crime still takes place in our precinct. Often these crimes are opportunistic. Taking reasonable precautions and being aware of potential exposure will help you not to be a victim. Some security tips are:

  • When using your car, keep your handbag or briefcase and any valuables such as computer tablets or notebooks out of sight and preferably in a locked boot. Avoid putting these items in your boot only when you are parked - rather do so before leaving home or wherever you may have been.
  • Jamming devices are used from time to time, particularly in shopping centres. Whenever you lock your car, physically check that it is properly locked by trying to open the driver’s door and possibly one of the back doors as well.
  • When travelling, be aware of cars behind you. If you suspect that you are being followed, turn left or right four times so that you return to your original position. If the car you are concerned about is still behind you, drive to the nearest police station.
  • Keep your driveway gates and entrance doors to your home that are visible from the street closed.
  • If you have a domestic worker, ensure that he or she is instructed not to admit anyone to your property unless you have indicated that such person or company is expected. When unsure, your domestic worker should contact you to confirm what he or she should do. It is advisable for your domestic worker to have a remote panic alarm on their person at all times.

13 June 2017

Illegal dumpting

Illegal dumping has become a problem in our suburb. Tim Truluck, our Johannesburg Ward Councillor, has the following to say about it:

If you see a vehicle illegally dumping, take pics with you phone (you must get the number plate) and note the time. Then What's App the pic and date and time to Zed Managaliso on 0827791361. He will try and track down the illegal dumper, fine them and make them pick up what they dumped.

Tim also added the following on our current traffic congestion:

In an attempt to get the traffic in Jozi flowing smoothly, there is a new 24 hour hotline that you can use to report broken down vehicles, accidents, taxis misbehaving, busses rat running through the suburbs, illegal parking, traffic lights down, etc. It is 0808723342.

29 March 2017

An interesting fact

Did you know that Margot Fonteyn danced Swan Lake at Zoo Lake - with the Lake in the background - when Johannesburg celebrated its 70th birthday in 1956? (Source: City Sightseeing)

11 May 2017

Include a Family Member on your SAPRA membership

Did you know that you can add up to four family members to your membership without any additional levy? Each one of those family members will be entitled to all the information and services that you receive as a member of SAPRA, other than voting at the AGM. They will have their own contact details, such as telephone number and email addresses where relevant.

If you have a tenant this is a good way to include your tenant in SAPRA services, by making them one of your “family members”.

All you need to do is to enter the details of the family member concerned on our website. Once you have logged in with your username and password, go to “My Profile” and under “My Options” click on “Register Family Member” and then fill out the relevant details. Some members have shown their spouse on their own profile and this does lead to some confusion as to who the member might be.

15 May 2017