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Welcome to the Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association (SAPRA) website.

SAPRA is made up of a group of residents of Saxonwold and Parkwood who are voted onto the committee by residents of our community to represent their interests.

Our primary function is to assist and deal with local problems which arise and which generally relate to the monitoring and enforcement of legal norms and standards. Examples would include ensuring adherence to building regulations (by-laws and heritage), or requiring advertisers to comply with council requirements when and where they advertise.

However, this is not where our role ends and SAPRA has a long tradition of adopting a pro-active approach and will tackle challenges of all sizes – from street cleaning right up to participating and influencing the layout of the proposed Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) in our suburbs.

SAPRA is effective because of the dedicated efforts of the committee members all of whom, other than the secretary, are volunteers. It uses a network which it has built over the years to address issues with the relevant parties. In particular, the local councillor and other civic leaders sit on the committee.

News Flash

Resident Stickers for Jazz on the Lake

SAPRA ( Saxonwold and Parkwood Residents Association) has organised for residents to collect their stickers for use when “ Jazz on the Lake” occurs later this year.

Stickers will be handed out from Fearnhead Park in Parkwood, located between Dudley and Blandford Roads on Sunday 4 June 2016 from 09h00 to 12h00. Residents are required to bring along proof or residence, and persons who are renting would need to provide a letter from the owner of the property they reside at, in order to receive a sticker.

For those who cannot make it on the 4th of June, another day will be arranged for sticker collection later on in the year. Please bring your children and dogs along and make the most of the day. Coffee will be on sale, water provided, and kiddies from a local nursery school will be selling yummie eats.

Counsellor Truluck will also be available from 10h30 - giving residents the opportunity to have a one on one.

A group of youngsters will also be present on the day doing community service by either updating the local data base or doing a clean-up of the Park.

We look forward to seeing you all.

23 May 2017

Illegal dumping has become a problem in our suburb. Tim Truluck, our Johannesburg Ward Councillor, has the following to say about it:

If you see a vehicle illegally dumping, take pics with you phone (you must get the number plate) and note the time. Then What's App the pic and date and time to Zed Managaliso on 0827791361. He will try and track down the illegal dumper, fine them and make them pick up what they dumped.

Tim also added the following on our current traffic congestion:

In an attempt to get the traffic in Jozi flowing smoothly, there is a new 24 hour hotline that you can use to report broken down vehicles, accidents, taxis misbehaving, busses rat running through the suburbs, illegal parking, traffic lights down, etc. It is 0808723342.

29 March 2017

Comments Please!

SAPRA has been approached by SGI - South Africa to establish a community garden in SAPRA-land. SGI stands for "Soka Gakkai International" which is a faith based organisation. You can read about SGI in South Africa by clicking here.

Their plan is to grow perishable, vitamin-rich foods close to our community - they are thinking about using the old bowling greens at the SGI centre. For those who don't know where that is, it is bounded by Blandford Road, Wells Avenue and Dudley Road, Parkwood. They want to mobilise our community in a teaching and charity initiative. You can read more about the proposal by clicking here.

Now we are soliciting views and comments from our residents to the idea. You can add your comments on our chat page on this website.

So, what are your thoughts?

16 February 2017

An interesting fact

Did you know that Fargot Fonteyn danced Swan Lake at Zoo Lake - with the Lake in the background - when Johannesburg celebrated its 70th birthday in 1956? (Source: City Sightseeing)

11 May 2017

Include a Family Member on your SAPRA membership

Did you know that you can add up to four family members to your membership without any additional levy? Each one of those family members will be entitled to all the information and services that you receive as a member of SAPRA, other than voting at the AGM. They will have their own contact details, such as telephone number and email addresses where relevant.

If you have a tenant this is a good way to include your tenant in SAPRA services, by making them one of your “family members”.

All you need to do is to enter the details of the family member concerned on our website. Go to “My Profile” and under “My Options” click on “Register Family Member” and then fill out the relevant details. Some members have shown their spouse on their own profile and this does lead to some confusion as to who the member might be.

15 May 2017